Graffiti Legends Battle it Out for Cey Adams’ “VERSUS”

Cey Adams Presents: VERSUS

Cey Adams, graffiti legend and the man responsible for some of hip hop’s most notable logos, has brought together folks from all corners of the graffiti world for a special show titled “VERSUS.” The participating writers include Cey, Chino, Cycle, Greg Lamarche, Jester, Keo, Morning Breath, Part, Revolt, and Trike.

With these 10 heads representing the various generations of writers folks are in for something truly special, here are the details of the project, provided by  Urban Folk Art Studios:

Cey has hand picked 10 renowned artists whose notoriety spans decades. He has teamed them in 2’s, where each team will work on a dual effort canvas, and each of the 10 artists will have their own solo piece. 5 dual pieces, 10 solo pieces, all square. The results will be awesome.

Cey Vs. Morning Breath
Cycle Vs. Greg Lamarche
Part Vs. Revolt
Keo Vs. Trike
Chino Vs. Jester


As an added bonus, Cey has created a zine that will be on sale at the July 2 opening event for “VERSUS.” The zine includes samples of the work of each participating artist, as well as a foreword written by Mass Appeal’s own “Gandolf The Gully,” aka “Rumple-still-kickin’,” aka Sacha Jenkins.


The show opens July 2 and will run until July 22. Hit up Urban Folk Art’s website or hit up their Facebook page for more info.


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