The Ecko Exhibit

Graffiti Bridge: The Exhibit Series by Ecko

Ecko continues to say it and spray it LOUD. Alan Ket spoke on the opportunity the collaboration brings to writers and graffiti culture.

queen andrea ecko t shirt

The nimble entrepreneur Marc Ecko has launched quite a few special graffiti projects over the years including the 2006 video game Gettin’ Up, whose main characters graced the cover of Mass Appeal‘s issue 35, the “Graffiti Goes Digital” issue featuring Cope2, Ket, Tkid, Skuf and Noxer (check your crates for this classic issue). Lately, the clothing brand Ecko Unlimited is back in the hardcore graffiti mix, having launched a gallery and merchandise collaboration with eleven notable graffiti artists (this writer included) from around the world. You can peruse incredible photo and video galleries for each artist and buy their customized apparel, headphones, and other graff goodies.


“Graffiti and commerce collide and go all-world, forget all city,” says writer and writing culture advocate Alan Ket. “The Exhibit project is proof that there are opportunities for graffiti artists in the commercial realm. Today, the dominant message in the media is that graffiti artists are only criminals and that they should be imprisoned. So for me, it’s great when there are companies that think otherwise and provide opportunities for artists to use their products as a platform for exposure and for income.”

“The artists chosen represent a wide selection of styles that exist globally,” Ket continues. “We selected them based on talent and reputation. Who doesn’t love Kenor’s abstract styles or Cope2’s throw ups? Well, maybe of they went over you (you might have an issue) but that’s another story. From Suiko to Utah to Queen Andrea, they all have the skills.” Gee, thanks, Ket. And thank you Marc Ecko.

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The Ecko Exhibit

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