Graffiti Artist Gorey Makes Parachute Pockets With Pointer

Despite the sub-zero temperatures and flurries of snow on the East Coast, we’re technically coming into spring, or what those in fashion call the “in-between” season. That means dressing from March to May can be a bitch, you’re either too hot or too cold, sweating or bunching your hands into your pockets for better circulation.

In an effort to combat this awkward sartorial time, Woolf Clothing, has teamed up with Tennessee workwear brand, Pointer, to create the chore coat. The brands coalesced via Jack Threads senior buyer, Al Raddock, and came up with a sturdy but lightweight navy cotton piece embellished with Woolf’s signature contrast pocket – this time a rip-stop camo, the same camo fabric used in old parachutes. “I’m always attached to durabillity and bringing a sense of trust in the garment,” says graf artist and Woolf designer, Gorey, who developed a number of pieces in this camo for their spring drop.

Gorey was super stoked to team up with Pointer for Woolf’s first collaboration. “They’re the true essence of Americana culture to me,” he said. “We have it as part of our DNA, as general inspiration from a military standpoint. Having the opportunity to work with those guys was really fresh for us.”

The result is pretty fresh too, and at $99 the price isn’t too bad either. Get them while you can, with only 170 pieces available via Jack Threads, it’s a pretty limited run. “The reason that I was attracted to this collab is that they’re made in the USA,” says Gorey. “We’ve been putting in a lot of effort to get the right fit, the right look, the right silhouettes and everything. I was really eager to give back to America and have something that’s homemade.”

You can cop the jacket here. And stay tuned for Woolf’s second spring drop, coming at the end of March.




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