Grandmas React to Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love Remix”

Do not let your grandmother listen to "Drunk in Love Remix" unless you have a video camera on hand.

I’m sure somewhere in between flipping through the hundreds of useless TV channels, you’ve come across that hilarious new Esurance commercial. You know, the one staring those three grandmas who totally miss the whole “Facebook Wall” concept. No? Watch it, because this new grandma video flooding the Internet is even better. And by better, I mean awkwardly funny.

Basically, three old ladies uncomfortably recite the lyrics to Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love Remix” ft. Kanye West over sandwiches, that by the way, look amazing.

Before you watch these grandmothers break down the lyrics to Kanye’s less than spotless verse, be prepared. This is by far the funniest/most uncomfortable thing you’ll watch today. Here’s all the weird, gross and absolutely untrue facts the grandma trio uncovers.

1)   One out of three grandmothers in America believe Kanye West is a basketball player.

2)   Apparently, grandmothers don’t talk during sex. (Can we burn this information from our memories?)

3)   Beyoncé and Jay Z have a huge bathtub, big enough to “swerve” in. #FACTS

4)   Anna Mae (Tina Turner) is a very popular novelist.

5)   It’s totally okay to use profanity — as long as you have grandchildren and are being videotaped in the hopes of going viral.

If you’re not totally inspired to grab the oldest relative you know and video tape them reciting A$AP Ferg’s “Dump Dump” chorus, refresh the page and watch this video again.

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  • bboycult

    I want to smoothly rub (with consent of course) all of those granny’s ” huge bathtubs ” ; in their ‘granny slacks’ that you know they are wearing, while they re-watch the lyric vid…and then we’ll see what their opinions are! Those ladies are filthy and they know it!