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Goût De Diamants: Poppin’ $1.2 million Bottles

Goût De Diamants: Poppin’ $1.2 million Bottles

Sippin on Goût De Diamants latest vintage champagne will set you back a cool $1.2 million. How many bottles?

Gout de diamants bottle and champagne glasses

From Veuve Clicquot to Dom Perignon, champagne has long been championed as the beverage of choice for players in the rap game. Call outs, shout outs and whole songs have been dedicated to poppin’ bottles in the club. But, the latest libation from luxury brand, Goût de Diamants – which literally means taste of diamonds in French – comes with a price tag that only the most ridiculous ballers will f*ck with. Yup, you can sip from this diamond encrusted bottle of bubbly for a cool $1.2 million.

With an 18 carat, white gold, Swarovski crystal Superman badge encasing a 19 carat diamond, something tells us you won’t be chucking these bottles of Goût de Diamants in the recycling can like yesterday’s trash . . . unless of course, you’re about that life.

Gout De Diamants Bottles in a row
Gout De Diamants Bottles on ice
Five alternating Gout De Diamants Bottles
Gout De Diamants Bottle emblem with 19 carat diamond
  • mrmag83

    bottle champagne more than someone’s house? yeah.


    i’ll pass.