Google Testing Driving Cars

Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Hits the Streets

Sit back and let Google do the driving.

No, this isn’t a trailer for Demolition Man 2; this is the introduction of Google’s self-driving cars.

Google announced yesterday that a fleet of prototypes have been built and will continue to improve as testing continues. From the outside, it resembles what Steve Urkel used to drive, but the interior is far from it. The mini-mobile is equipped with two seats and a “start” button but has no steering wheel, brake pedal, or accelerator. Simply hop in the vehicle, enter your destination, hit the start button, and watch your progress on the screen in font of you.

The self-driving car runs complex software and utilizes ultra-sensitive sensors which are able to detect movement and objects for miles around, in hopes of making your ride as safe as possible.

The project still has a couple years of testing to go through, but with Google in the driver’s seat, these cars should be delivering pizza to your doorstep quicker than you think.



Google Testing Driving Cars

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