Google’s Glasses Heads Up A Revolution

Google’s Glasses Heads Up A Revolution

Google unveiled Project Glass this week. As crazy, frightening, and cool as these specs look and behave, imagine the practical uses for them outside of social media and augmented reality. Bootlegging movies or recording law enforcement shenanigans are a few cases.

The glasses are straight out of a dystopian world, specifically Strange Days, a 1995 cyberpunk film directed by Kathryn Bigelow, starring Angela Bassett. Granted the device used for image playback in that film was a Mini-Disc device connected to a person’s cortex, Google’s Glasses still trades on imagery being recorded directly by its wearer. In one scene of Strange Days, a victim is force-fed images of his own murder while it is occurring in real time. The glasses also recall Terminator, The Matrix films, and Minority Report. Now they’re becoming a reality with ZionEyez, a start-up taking pre-orders on glasses that can record and stream 720p video. Those specs retail for about $300, and we hear, via Engadget, that the imagery and playback is quite good. By the looks of those things, Google’s Glasses give more reason to keep your eyes on the prize.