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Golf Wang Serves Chicken and Watermelon…Clothing

Golf Wang Serves Chicken and Watermelon…Clothing

Golf shit by Golf Wang.

America’s a fucked up place and that’s what makes it beautiful. Right? Absolutely, and nobody knows this better than the habitual-line-stepping skate rats of the Odd Future aka Golf Wang clan. Together they have forged elements of soccer, skate, sambo, counter-culture and yes, golf, into one colorful pastel and brights-laden barrage of soft goods and accessories for their brand new Spring/Summer 2014 collection launching this Saturday, March 8th.

There are watermelon duffel bags, Aunt Jemima tees, Bubbalicious crews, chicken and waffle 5-panels, and golf-inspired soccer and basketball jerseys. Something for the absurd instigator inherent in all of us. Oh, and just in time for special birthday shout out to the Flog Gnaw captain; Tyler, the Creator who turns 23 today. GOLFWANG!!!

Tyler The Creator modeling new Golfwang gear
Chicken and waffle Golfwang gear
Odd Future homies modeling Golfwang gear
Odd Future's Lucas modeling Golfwang jerseys
Odd Future's Lucas modeling Golfwang gear
Tyler The Creator on a BMX sporting Golfwang Gear Golf Wang Spring Summer Collection 2014