RUG LIFE: How Young Buck Inspired My THUG LIFE Carpet

Jason Goldwatch tells how his thug life photo became his rug.

Young Buck and a bag of weed

I was on a run with Young Buck right when his Buck The World album dropped, touring the southern states. We traveled on buses and vans and took short flights. On separate occasions we got shot at on the street, had the windows of the bus blown out by bullets and were pulled over by the authorities on the highway in the middle of the night–at gunpoint. All the while capturing images, and smoking way more blunts than is deemed reasonable by most.

In fact, Buck and I became close dudebros, initially because of our mutual appreciation for the great herb. I ran on a bunch of trips with him; taking flicks, shooting videos, wilding the fuck out and basically Bucking The World.

Every place we went, both in the South and internationally, Buck always had “Black.” A tall African looking dudebro, with permanent gold teeth and a permanent grin to match. He was the raddest dude on tour and was solely responsible for “rolling up.” One day while on tour with Tha Outlawz, we were sitting in a van smoking a blunt, waiting to cop a few ounces. I broke out my point and shoot and I snapped what would become one of my more iconic photographs.

I returned home to NYC and colored it, called the “Home Bros” and sent it away to Nepal. My good brother had a connection over there to get images hand-woven into large, extremely plush Nepalese Wool carpets.

And so I printed my first in a series of rugs based on my original photography .

Five months later . . . RUG LIFE.

rug life photo-4




*Watch the Goldwatch-directed video for “Lose My Mind” produced by Eminem below.

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