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Goldwatch & 13thWitness at Coachella

Goldwatch & 13thWitness at Coachella

Jason Goldwatch & 13thWitness are heading to Coachella to capture the madness.

Coachella wide shot

Director, photographer and all around dudebro, Jason Goldwatch, is heading down to Indio, CA to give you inside access to Coachella. Joining him is his P.I.C (that’s partner in crime), 13thWitness. If their previous trips are any indication of what to expect, then Coachella will have its hands full with these two. Luckily for the rest of the attendees and the state of California, the guys will be down there shooting the madness on behalf Coachella, so they shouldn’t get into TOO much trouble. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated on the adventures of these two. Did somebody say WATCHxWITNESS?

Coachella Crowd Shot
Coachella Ferris Wheel
Coachella w/ Font