Gold Top releases the track "Gold Like This" ft. Soulja Boy

Gold Top “Gold Like This” ft. Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy on that late EDM wave.

Shout out to the all the rappers that have engaged in the trappy-ass EDM bullshit that has plagued pop culture and music for the last four years. We aren’t going to name a bunch of folks, because the focus is on one rapper in particular: Soulja Boy.

While Soulja Boy essentially took over the majority of the year thus far with jawns like “We Made It” and “Yass Bitch Yass,” we have to draw the line there. No one gets a pass for EDM. The track essentially rehashes the same template most EDM trap songs possess— yawn-worthy synths, which sound like white noise at times, and distorted/filtered/pitchy chipmunk vocals that make my ears wants to bleed.

If my ears had eyes, they would be having a seizure from this shit. Listen to “Gold Like This” below and tell what you think in the comments.

Gold Top releases the track "Gold Like This" ft. Soulja Boy

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