Godzilla Asia Exclusive Trailer 2014 April

“Godzilla” Asia Exclusive Trailer

Where's Godzuki when you need him?

Yesterday an Asia exclusive dropped … no, not those low top, woven by silkworms Kobe 9 joints, but a new trailer for Godzilla. The trailer is packed with the ominous messages, glimpses of chaos, and destruction that we’ve grown accustomed to, building our anticipation for the latest rehash of the classic. In addition, we are introduced to some new characters that give the feeling that Walter White may not be the only significant figure to this story. It also appears the villain of the film may not be whom you thought …

“Can You Kill it?”

“I believe something can…”

“A Monster?”

“A God…”

Godzilla May 16th 2014

Peep the trailer in out video player up top and get ready, shits about to go down heavy like Baby Huey off that goose! Godzilla will be hitting theaters this coming May 16.

[h/t Total Film ]

Godzilla Asia Exclusive Trailer 2014 April

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