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Glove One Phone Lets You Talk To The Hand

Glove One Phone Lets You Talk To The Hand


Glove One Bryan Cera Mobile Phone

It may only be prototype but this mobile phone designed by artist and designer Bryan Cera gives new meaning to the throwback phrase “talk to the hand.”

Cera created the Glove One phone for his master thesis project, “Gadgets for Remembering The Future,” while at the University of Wisconsin. He built the device using parts from a 3D printer. The dial pads are on the underside of the user’s fingers, and the receiver is the owner’s pinky and thumb (think the universal symbol for phone).

Cera described Glove One on his website:

Glove One is a wearable mobile communication device. It presents a futile and fragile technology with which to augment ourselves. A cell phone which, in order to use, one must sacrifice their hand. It is both the literalization of Sherry Turkle’s notion of technology as a “phantom limb,” in how we augment ourselves through an ambivalent reliance on it, as well as a celebration of the freedom we seek in our devices. Emotional investment becomes physical, as the functionality of the device depends on the dysfunctionality of the wearer. While we enjoy the fantasies they offer, we rethink the technologies we construct and reflect on how they construct us.

Glove One is not an exercise in innovation, but rather this project asks the question “What are we willing to sacrifice in order to participate in technology and social media?”

If you’re willing to sacrifice some time, 3D printer parts and smartphone capabilities, then you too, can make your own Glove One dumb phone: Cera is taking names and email address on his site if you want a tutorial.

Not sure if we’d sacrifice a limb for technology but Cera’s idea is kinda ill!

Hand Glove Bryan Cera mobile phone

Glove One Mobile Phone Bryan Cera