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Girl Scout Cookies: A Weed Conspiracy Theory

Girl Scout Cookies: A Weed Conspiracy Theory

Art by Tony Washington

Everyone knows stoners love to eat. Chips, cookies, cakes, whatever, you name it; insert into mouth. And with Girl Scout Cookie season upon us, you may have seen an uptick in your favorite pothead’s energy level. Girl Scout Cookies are delivered straight to your door. Weed is delivered straight to your door. The cookies are incredibly delicious. Weed is incredibly delicious. But what if I told you the similarities don’t end there…..?

Girl Scout Cookies are sold at different times of the year depending on your region, and it doesn’t take a stoner to realize they they’re (addictively) delicious. It does however, take one to understand that the relationship between Girl Scout Cookies and weed is way deeper. If you are anything like us at Mass Appeal, you anxiously await Girl Scout Cookie season, day dreaming about some delicious Thin Mints and chocolatey Samoas. If you’re also like us, you know that the term Girl Scout Cookies doubles as the name for a hybrid strand of marijuana. What you didn’t know? Girls Scout Cookies headquarters is located in New York City at… 420 Fifth Avenue. Dun dun Dunnnnnnnn.

Let’s go over the hard facts. Girl Scout Cookies began in 1917 when the Girls Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) decided that selling the treat was a great fundraising idea. Marijuana has been around for….ever. However, it was around that same time that restrictions and prohibitions of the substance began. Maybe selling the Girl Scout Cookies wasn’t enough. Perhaps they decided that they needed even more fundraising. Had to get those funds higher, maybe?

Girl Scouts are pretty innocent looking, sure. They are young girls who are motivated to sell cookies in order to raise money, but also to be the girl that sells the most. How do we know for sure that it is just the cookies that these girls are selling? The truth is, we don’t. And those cookies are like, freakishly good. They are like drugs. All we know for sure is that they are heading over to 420 Fifth Avenue to refill their stock. 420 Fifth to re-up.

As you can see, Girl Scout Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies are the same thing. They are messing with your minds people. Don’t you see? Or maybe you’re smoking cookies? Did you ever think of that?

Lindsey loves both types of Girl Scout cookies. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram here.