Andre 3000 Gillette Proglide Styler Review

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Andre 3000 Gillette Proglide Styler Review

You know when you help run a publication like Mass Appeal, sponsored posts can sometimes feel like a deal with the devil. Other times though, the product we are asked to promote might actually be useful in life. Take the Gillette ProGlide Power Razor for instance. I’m a man, I grow facial hair, and I need to keep that shit tight, nahmean? So when Complex Media Network asked if we’d accept a free package to review this product, I said why not? Plus Andre Benjamin endorses it and he’s never let me down . . . outside of maybe Idlewild and not having released an Outkast album since 2003, and . . . Well, let’s just put it this way, I still fux with Andre 3000.

Perfect timing, I was just getting back from a week long trip to the Netherlands and I hadn’t done any upkeep on my face since before I left. It was Thanksgiving morning and the entire family would arrive at my parent’s place in a few hours. It was then that my mother reminded me there was a package waiting for me. Inside, the Gillette ProGlide Styler kit.

gillette proglide review

Now I’ve used Gillette razors since I’ve ever had any whiskers. As I got older, I started to use a Panasonic beard trimmer to keep my beard profile low, but always scruffy. In fact the last time I had seen my 10-year-old niece she asked me if I ever shaved. Fair question, it is extremely rare that I shave down to the skin.

I unpacked the ProGlide and went right for the “1” attachment. As I said, I was out of the country for a week without any upkeep so I was pretty scruffy. While the low profile of the electric razor immediately appealed to me for traveling purposes (takes up much less space than my Panasonic), I found that it did not do a great job of trimming my cheeks and chin down to a clean stubble. On the other hand, it did great for my upper lip, something my bulky Panasonic could not.

I finally got my facial hair down to the level where I like it and finished things off with the multi-blade razor cartridge. I never used an electric one of these before. With the blade attachment, the whole unit was a bit long to hold in hand, but it worked well. I cleaned up around the edges, and voila. Ready to eat hors d’oeuvres and put back a few Long Trail IPAs.

gillette proglide review

Andre 3000 Gillette Proglide Styler Review

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