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Get Animated: New GAP Artist T-shirts Also Don’t Suck

Get Animated: New GAP Artist T-shirts Also Don’t Suck

We recently put you up on the GAP collection that didn’t actually suck. Now, GAP has teamed up again with artist studio Visionaire to present a collection of t-shirts for Opening Ceremony that might just actually blow your mind. The animated designs come from both up-and-coming and established artists alike. Seriously, when was the last time you had a chance to cop a Yoko Ono-design T?

This isn’t just some “your t-shirt will look better on the Internet” hype bullshit. We are told that:

 UV-sensitive SOLAR ink, along with embroidery, foils, and photo printing will all play a role in animating these collectible shirts.

And at only $34.95 a pop, these are likely the cheapest pieces of animated art you’ll ever collect! Preview the collection below before they are unveiled at Frieze Art Fair this weekend.

gap-visionaire-1 gap-visionaire-2 gap-visionaire-3 gap-visionaire-4 gap-visionaire-5 gap-visionaire-6 gap-visionaire-7 gap-visionaire-8
[h/t Opening Ceremony]