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Get Animated: New GAP Artist T-shirts Also Don’t Suck

Get Animated: New GAP Artist T-shirts Also Don’t Suck

T-shirts that animate themselves practically sell themselves.

We recently put you up on the GAP collection that didn’t actually suck. Now, GAP has teamed up again with artist studio Visionaire to present a collection of t-shirts for Opening Ceremony that might just actually blow your mind. The animated designs come from both up-and-coming and established artists alike. Seriously, when was the last time you had a chance to cop a Yoko Ono-design T?

This isn’t just some “your t-shirt will look better on the Internet” hype bullshit. We are told that:

 UV-sensitive SOLAR ink, along with embroidery, foils, and photo printing will all play a role in animating these collectible shirts.

And at only $34.95 a pop, these are likely the cheapest pieces of animated art you’ll ever collect! Preview the collection below before they are unveiled at Frieze Art Fair this weekend.

gap-visionaire-1 gap-visionaire-2 gap-visionaire-3 gap-visionaire-4 gap-visionaire-5 gap-visionaire-6 gap-visionaire-7 gap-visionaire-8
[h/t Opening Ceremony]