George Karl Gucci Mane Looking Pensive

George Karl Rides for Guwop

"Trap God 3" ft Swaggy G

George Karl is straight OG. He coached the Seattle Supersonics team of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp to 1996 Finals, won Coach of the Year last season, and has now revealed himself to be more in tune with the rap world than any of us could have imagined. We all know hip hop and basketball are forever intertwined; LeBron James, the games biggest talent, releasing a freestyle just yesterday; but who knew that the balding sexagenarians in suits were so down.

George Karl Favorite Rappers
Photo courtesy of Ethan Strauss


In a video segment that aired on ESPN late last night, 62-year-old George Karl was asked about his favorite rappers. He kept it pretty standard with his first choices, giving Jay Z the three spot and an incredibly diplomatic and tactful move, splitting number two between 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. But for his favorite rapper, Karl didn’t pick Macklemore, or Drake, or any other mainstream artist that might appeal to a father of four. No, he picked Gucci Mane. To let him tell it, his no. 1 pick is “someone who’s underrated, overlooked, and just gets so little love, the ice cream man himself.” Watch the below clip to see Karl transform into Swaggy G and consider how, when, where, and why dude listens to Guwop. “Lemonade” while poolside perhaps? “Stupid Wild” while prepping for an on-air appearance? We’re now over here imagining Jeff Van Gundy turning up to Young Dro.

George Karl Gucci Mane Looking Pensive

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