VIDEO: Gasface Presents Think B.I.G. With Matty C & Schott Free

Watch Gasface Presents Think B.I.G. With Matty C & Schott Free

“Peace to Matteo, now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniff the yayo . . . ” If you’ve ever heard Biggie’s verse from the classic “’95 Freestyle” and wondered who he was shouting out it was Matty C aka Matt Life a former writer for The Source magazine who discovered some of the greatest talents featured in their Unsigned Hype column including Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie himself.  Matty C and his partner Schott Free were the A&R duo that helped make Loud Records great by signing Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep among others. Now the two do the Frozen Files Presents show on the online East Village Radio the Gasface crew interviewed the two about the halcyon days of Loud Records and The Source and even got an anecdote about the time they almost signed Jay-Z in McDonald’s. Watch the clip above.

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