Garrett Hill Blackbook Skate

Garrett Hill’s Blackbook Skate App

Forget checking in, tweeting locations. The goal of the Blackbook app is to keep track of your skate spots, hopefully for future returns.

Garrett Hill Blackbook Skate

Thanks to Zero pro Garrett HIll, programmer Jason Ossenmacher, and the brothers behind the Maloof Money Cup, skaters no longer need to deal with forgetting the location of their favorite ledges, stair sets, and gaps. Blackbook is a user app that allows skaters to pinpoint a spot on a map, make record of the tricks they’ve thrown down there, and post pictures and videos at those spots. Also, for those worried about preserving certain secret spots, a map can only be viewed by the user that makes it. That means, your coordinates are yours to keep—no blowing up the spot like a Foursquare check-in, or any other obtrusive way of sharing your whereabouts. Blackbook is now available on the iPhone for 99 cents and look out for its website launch that will host contests and giveaways for users. Download it here.

Garrett Hill Blackbook Skate

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