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Gangrene Studio Bug Out

Gangrene Studio Bug Out

Alchemist Studio Venice California

Yesterday I was at ALC’s crib in Los Angeles . We were chillin sharing links, smoking Girl Scout Cookies, and making fun of each others grey hairs mostly. I was sitting on the couch facing his mixing board, which faces the wall. Hung above his shit is a large flat screen playing his closed circuit security cameras. AL’s on some rap shit, and has cameras pointed outside, into the parking lot, and down the hall at the front door of his palatial studio in Venice Beach. The theory is to keep the chain snatchers and Rap Police away I guess….

Now, the marijuana in California is extremely strong, and at AL’s it is extremely plentiful. At some point between the John Baldessari films, and the “New Wave Collage” song structures, the conversation took a turn towards cheap “especially not giving a fuck” type music videos. It struck me, staring at the parking lot on the huge television, “we should shoot a video with these security cameras that are always rolling anyways….” Alan then spun in his large chair and gave the “I’m light years ahead of you dudebro” look, clicked around YouTube for a moment and showed me the below video… the first ever GANGRENE video starring ALC, Oh-No, and EVidence. The story goes, they made this rad-ass instrumental one late night at Al’s studio, tripped on the same “Security Camera” concept I just had, and decided to shoot it.

The only rule, each artist would try and “OUT DO” the other with wild nonsense. EVidence went to the Lincoln Blvd. camera, Alan out to the parking lot, and Oh-No ran down the hall towards the inside camera.

So… Here.  

(Personally I think Ev won with the random street walker interaction)

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