The Alchemist and Oh No

Gangrene “Bassheads” – GTAV Soundtrack

Bass for your face, courtesy of The Alchemist, Oh No and GTAV.

GTA V Soundtrack cover artwork

Yeaaahhhhh boiiiii. It’s been over five years since my trigger happy hands have grasped a new Grand Theft Auto game, but tonight the wait is over and I’m ready to become the least productive (and least likely to attend work) member of the Mass Appeal team. GTAV boasts the most expansive world yet, but what I’m really looking forward to is listening to the carefully curated radio stations, one of the franchise’s best features.

The homies Alchemist & Oh No, a.k.a. Gangrene, helped score the expansive soundtrack (along with Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson), and tonight the dynamic duo hit us with an original track from the highly anticipated game entitled, “Bassheads.”

When engaging in a massive rampage through the streets of Los Santos, it’s essential to do so with an appropriate auditory accomplice. (AKA this is a great song to play while you unleash havoc and F.S.U. to the Nth degree.) Gangrene channel their inner Public Enemy on the bass heavy-banger, and I can’t wait to romp around San Andreas and blast this track (and pedestrians) out of a freshly-stolen whip.

Listen to the new track from Gangrene below, and prepare to lose countless hours of sleep and productivity after GTAV drops tonight at midnight.

For more music from the Gangrene army, check out Vodka & Ayahuasca and Gutter Water (now 10% off at the Decon Store with the code BACKTOSCHOOL).

The Alchemist and Oh No

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