Gangnam Style Explained: Rapper Rekstizzy’s Take on PSY’s Hit Song

Korean MC Rekstizzy's perspective on the international phenomenon.

Editor’s Note: At over 100 million views on YouTube it’s safe to say South Korean rapper PSY‘s hit song “Gangnam Style” is a cultural phenomenon. It’s been expertly dissected by white guys but we’ve yet to get a Korean-American hip-hop artist’s perspective on it, so we asked Mass Appeal’s favorite lyrical lush Rekstizzy to give us some insight. The opinions expressed below are his and his alone and  we warn you–there’s an anecdote about about soapy nuts in there too.

After this video dropped, there was a lot of analysis on how under all those outlandish visuals it’s got a lot of social commentary about materialism and shit. Yeah, makes sense. But this is what appeals to me about it.

Right now, my native country Korea has got its dick in its hand, trying hard as fuck to penetrate America but it can’t find an opening. It appeals to a bunch of fanatics but mainstream? Nah. They don’t get that we’re not really fux’in with these robot types with the mad rehearsed interview questions and star-manufacturing-child-trainer camps. I like some of the music, though. Like a lot of pop music, they got some talented dudes on the production side. But yo, just because you got all the right components like a catchy beat and a pretty face, it’s not really what’s going to make heads turn over here, especially when we got catchy beats and pretty faces singing songs that we understand. You need that other thing. We wanna see underdog shit, people with heart, or people who generally don’t give a fuck.

PSY’s an ugly dude which makes him an underdog, he sings and dances with mad heart, and yeah, he doesn’t give a fuck. In the most obvious example, he’s belting out lyrics while squeezing a turd out. In others, he’s galloping towards hoes, thrusting his pelvic bone, bragging about drinking hot coffee in one shot on some needlessly manly Dos Equis shit, all with a sneer that says “I keep shit mad luxurious.” You ever gallop at a girl? It ain’t the new Dougie. He invented an accepted form of sexual harassment. Genius shit!

And I know this shit is supposed to be satire or humor but that shit comes from a real place too, I bet.

Peep that scene at the spa and journey down my Memory Lane for a second. When I visited Korea back in ’07. I drank with some homies and then I took a cab with this chick. I was drunk as fuck and was convinced I was getting laid until this sly Jezebel left me at a bathhouse. Being drunk and not being able to take the train–they close at a certain hour–I decided to take this bath. So I walk in there, stripped down because you look like a little Nancy if you feel like you gotta cover yourself up amongst other men and I didn’t have trunks anyway, and I plopped down on a stool and started lathering my balls with soap. Then I noticed an older dude, probably late 40s, in the corner doing the same. I was a little intimidated, not because it could turn into some kind of male rape situation, but because dude had tattoos all on his back. In Asia, if you got tattoos like that, you’re definitely a gangster.

But he was cool.

My Korean is fucked up so I mumbled some small talk about how that chick had just strategically ditched me. And then he gave me a long speech about how prostitution was cool and the best places to go to get my salad tossed by pop-star level hotties. Then we lathered our balls in silence for a bit.

Gangnam style, son.

Rekstizzy before Psy's hit song
Rekstizzy getting it in in South Korea circa 2007

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  • Suzi Q

    yg fam has all types of tactics now a days since they’re so fortunately privileged to do and promote anything. I’ve noticed as I’d be blaze d and have been a listener of them all these years even before gangnam style was viral. They even know how to cope drug/sex scandals without having it being on the media and it’s broadcast. They know wassup tho. Quite an inspiration of a different culture as well. Then they have also dominated the Japan industry.. lol

  • Great article, again Reks!

  • gyup

    good read!

  • pizzle

    I got to 1:27 and had to turn that sh*t off. Rek’s story is one for the books.