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Game and T.I. Involved in Tense LAPD Standoff

Shit gets ugly outside this L.A. club.

Early this morning, rappers T.I. and Game were in a heated standoff with the LAPD after a fight broke out.

TMZ reports that a group of guys who were ‘mutual acquaintances’ of  T.I. and Game were denied entry into L.A. hotspot Supperclub. When their group started arguing with security somebody threw a punch at one of the guards. It’s hard to tell exactly who threw the first punch, but it wasn’t either rapper. They were both inside at the time of the fight.

As soon as the punch was thrown the security jumped on two of the groups’ members. Security beat the two guys up pretty bad, to the point where it’s hard to watch. One of the security guards keeps his foot on the dude’s neck while he’s on the ground. There’s blood all over his face, he’s not going anywhere!

At this point T.I. and Game come out and suspect that the LAPD is responsible for beating up their friends. This is when they have their heated standoff with the police, and it’s super tense. It looks like they’re going to come to blows at any minute. At one point T.I. realizes that it wasn’t the LAPD’s fault, but security’s. If T.I. hadn’t made that realization this situation could have gotten a lot worse.

Check out the two videos and see the madness for yourself. Did the security react appropriately, or did they take it too far?

TI and Game image

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SUPER… with The Game

  • unkleluc

    child please

  • Ava

    They were kicking the dudes in the face after they had already been subdued and someone was standing on their neck. Obviously too far. Security at supperclub needs to be arrested.

  • Dom

    hopefully those bouncers get killed. that shit was uncalled for.