G.G. Allin for Altamont

If you’re not a fan of punk– or if you’re under the age of 30–you had probably never heard of G.G. Allin until Danny Brown mentioned him on his latest song “#HottestMC.” Upon hearing Brown’s reference you might have asked yourself, “Why would someone wipe their ass with a mic?” There is no good answer to that question but it does speak to the attitude of Allin who epitomized the punk rock anti-hero who gave zero fucks.

Allin was known for his wild and often dangerous live performance in which he’d strip naked, mutilate himself, defecate on the stage and attack audience members. Suddenly pop stars who pop off at the paparazzi don’t seem so bad ass (we see you Biebs).

Altamont teamed up with Allin’s brother and bandmate Merle to release a capsule of tees that feature never-before-seen photos and illustrations from the violent star. Watch Merle talk his shit above and check out (SFW) images of G.G. Allin and the clothes below

From Altamont:

Born Jesus Christ Allin, G.G. Allin has been cited as “the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history.”

Famously depicted in Todd Phillips’ documentary “Hated,” G.G. Allin’s controversial transgressions as a musician and live performer are notorious. No artist before, or after, has come close to comparing.

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of G.G. Allin’s death in 1993, Merle Allin—brother and founding member of “The Murder Junkies,” allowed Altamont access to drawings G.G. made during his time in prison, as well as never-before-seen photographs. Merle chose his favorite images for a series of Altamont tees celebrating G.G. Allin’s extraordinary life.

G.G. Allin is Cut From a Different Cloth.

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