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Future’s ‘DS2′ Is Coming to Vinyl

Future’s ‘DS2′ Is Coming to Vinyl

This is not a troll.

We’ve subconsciously been waiting for this moment since Future‘s warbled, syrupy drawl first snuck into our brain: Future Hendrix is coming to vinyl.

While it’s debatable where DS2 lands in the hierarchy of Future’s discography, listening to this album on wax should still be a memorable experience for FutureHive members and vinyl enthusiasts alike. The 2-disc release features colored vinyl and a download card for an MP3 version of the album, just in case you’re too lazy to rip the vinyl version.

We can’t help but think about a young crate-digger browsing through a dusty bin in 40 years and discovering “Thought It Was A Drought” for the first time. Hopefully, the intensifying vinyl resurgence means we’ll also see vinyl releases from artists like Young Thug, Migos, and Young Dolph in the future.

The vinyl version of Future’s DS2 is available for pre-order now via Fat Beats.

Future DS2 Vinyl Release


1. Thought It Was A Drought
2. I Serve The Base
3. Where Ya At (feat. Drake)
4. Groupies
5. Lil One
6. Stick Talk
7. Freak Hoe
8. Rotation
9. Slave Master
10. Blow A Bag
11. Colossal
12. Rich $ex
13. Blood On The Money
14. Trap Niggas
15. The Percocet & Stripper Joint
16. Real Sisters
17. Kno The Meaning
18. F*ck Up Some Commas