Future looking kind of futuristic

Future Is Ahead Of The Times, Not Behind Them

Future's reach is larger than you think.

Future’s new song “Good Morning” sounds exactly like Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love.” From Future’s parroting of the intro’s rhythmic structure to using the words, “We be all night,” with the exact same vocal modulation, it’s impossible to pass over the similarities. However, “Drunk In Love” came out on December 17, 2013 while Future’s “Good Morning” came out this week. Is Future biting Queen Bey? Does Future think we’re stupid? Is Future so futuristic that Bey actually bit Future? Is your head swirling?

For answers to these nonsensical questions we have to go back only a week to this year’s SXSW conference, a time when “Good Morning” had not yet been unearthed. Future performed at Stubb’s BBQ and delivered a cut that didn’t quite make the album, despite being one of his favorites. “I was recording with this producer by the name of Detail,” he says. “We were working on “Drunk In Love.” We started working on this other record at the same time, and then once “Drunk In Love” came out it pushed this song to the side. At the same time, it’s one of my favorite songs that didn’t make the album.”

Future says we were working on “Drunk in Love,” not Detail and Beyonce – we but Future and Detail we and probably Bey too. Sounds like a clear implication that Future was part of the “Drunk in Love” creative process (despite his reps saying he had nothing to do with the song.) One look at the “Drunk in Love” liner notes says otherwise. The only people credited for writing the song are Queen Bey, Detail, Andre Eric Proctor, Rasool Diaz, Brian Soko, Timothy Mosley, Jerome Harmon, and Jigga man. There’s no sign of a Future/Nayvadius D. Wilburn. If I’ve learned anything in my 24 years on this earth it’s that not all liner notes are to be trusted.

If they were working on both of those records at the same time there’s a high probability that Beyonce had the opportunity to hear Future’s version (she can hear whatever anybody is working on at any given time, she’s Queen Bey.) Who knows where she was in the writing process, but maybe she wasn’t that far along. Maybe Future had already penned, “We be all night.” According to Future’s reps, “Good Morning” was recorded before “Drunk In Love.” So now Bey has the incredible outline of a hit song and the industry power to trump Future and his fiancé ten times. What does Bey do? She uses that industry trump card and now we have “Drunk in Love.”

Maybe this is just a lofty, baseless theory from a man with too much time and a solid internet connection but Future’s slip at SXSW, saying that we had been working on “Drunk in Love,” was immediately followed by his ‘representatives’ denying his involvement. Does that not scream Bey trump card to you? People wake up! Future is influencing pop culture at it’s highest point and you all are to blind to notice.

You don’t believe in Future’s ubiquitous reach? Think back to October when Drake was bringing Future along for “Would You Like a Tour.” Culture influencer Future told a Billboard reporter, “Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do.” Drake flips a shit, kicks Future off the tour, Future threatens a law suit, the two reconcile, and in December Drake hops on Future “Sh!t (Remix).” Future dissed Drake weeks after his critically acclaimed Nothing Was The Same dropped and still managed to get a 1.5 million dollar check from the OVO general. Future’s weight in the industry is larger than you think.

Unfortunately for Future, Drake is where the buck stops. Yes, you may get over on the younger Drizzy Drake, but Beyonce – it’s not happening. If you make the Mona Lisa and Beyonce sees it before the public, to all concerned parties Queen Bey made the Mona Lisa. That’s just how the industry works my friend. However, I will constantly look behind the curtain and unearth the true pioneers of this “Sh!t.” Future, keep on trailblazing bruh.

Future looking kind of futuristic

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  • K_

    Just being honest, but the WYLAT conflict was all just buzz to get the hype up for the tour. Future said it himself

  • Even though both of the songs suck, I’m a believer too; Beyonce stole it from Future.