Future at BET awards Covered N Money

But Future, I’m Not Covered N Money

What are you covered in?

Future just released a track called “Covered N Money,” and if you’re wondering what it’s about I’ll tell you – it’s about being covered in m$n$y. It’s a super aggressive track, similar to “Move That Dope” in that sense, which seems to be the direction Future is headed with his upcoming album Honest. TBH, this shit bangs. Also, TBH, I wish I was covered in money, too. Is this something we can simulate like we did with “Move That Dope”? Probably not, which is pretty upsetting. If I wrote an honest song (I hope you didn’t let this joke slip past you) about being covered in stuff, it would be really depressing. Here are a few song titles that come to mind off the bat.

“I’m Covered N Coffee”

“I’m Covered N Dandruff”

“I’m Covered N Laundry”

“I’m Covered N BBQ Sauce”

“I’m Covered N Vomit”

“I’m Covered N Ice Cream”

“I’m Covered N Cigarette Ash”

“I’m Covered N Pennies”

“I’m Covered N Ashiness”

“I’m Covered N Bills”

“I’m Covered N PR E-mails”

“I’m Covered N Irish Spring”

“I’m Covered N Marshalls”

“I’m Covered N Cheese”

“I’m Covered N Evan Williams”

“I’m Covered N Despair Because Of What I’m Covered In”

Are you covered in any of these things too, or am I alone here?

Future at BET awards Covered N Money

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  • brvdley

    covered n student loans b