“Futurama” Intro Recreated in Gorgeous 3D

“Futurama” Intro Recreated in Gorgeous 3D

Futurama may be gone and cancelled forever, but the show still reigns supreme among sci-fi and comedy fans around the globe. Take artist Alexy Zakharov’s newest project for example, in which he completely recreated the beginning of Futurama and turned it into beautiful 3D. Zakharov used 3Dsmax, Nuke, After Effects, and Photoshop to create the quick 32-second clip, and it does a damn good job of looking fine.

Check out his Behance account for some more concept art, including highly detailed photos of the Planet Express spaceship. Both the recreated intro and the model spaceship look super realistic, yet still hold their cartoonish feelings about them. This is definitely a superb tribute to an amazingly underrated television show.