Futura x XGutetto 666 Mural in Mexico City

Futura painted a mural in Mexico City with artist XGutetto 666 as part of his tour for Hennessy V.S. and the All City Canvas mural program.

The first time Futura came to Mexico was in 1974 when he was in the military based in California. Touring 20 cities for the Hennessy V.S. release, Futura painted a large outdoor mural with Mexican artist XGutetto 666 as part of the All City Canvas public arts program.

All City Canvas’ inspiration mainly comes from the Mexican muralism movement. Founded in 2012, ACC is a platform that gathers the best urban artists, designers and illustrators around the world to create artistic collaborations with high impact.

futura-mexico-all_city-Canvas-0 futura-mexico-all_city-Canvas-1 futura-mexico-all_city-Canvas-2 futura-mexico-all_city-Canvas-3

Photos courtesy of All City Canvas via Brooklyn Street Art

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  • It’s always a good look to see F. 2000 getting things done, Globally . Respect.

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