Freeway, Girl Talk, and Waka Flocka Will Melt Your Face

Limb by limb.

Remember “Faces of Death” or If not this video might be as close as you’re gonna get. From their Broken Ankles EP  (coming in six days) Freeway and Girl Talk have unleashed their video for “Tolerate.” Chock full-of-gore this joint is sure to have your mouth agape or straight up saying, “WTF!” every two seconds, trust us. Get your thrills and chills watching this joint, it comes well equipped with wedding crashing, curbside karate and Waka Flocka feasting like a king, all hands on deck.

Peep the video above and be on the lookout for the Broken Ankles EP coming next week.

*Updated* Check out our interview with the director of the “Tolerated” music video, Allen Cordell.

Broken Ankles EP Snapshot featuring Freeway and Girl Talk

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