sean garnier coppel mexico old man playing soccer video

Freestyle Champion Sean Garnier Sons Soccer Players as Old Man

Respect Your Elders

It’s about that time folks— the World Cup is on the horizon. It’s time to get that full plate of futbol!

For this delectable portion, we get street soccer legend and soccer freestyle champion Sean Garnier showing and proving, all while getting his Uncle Drew on. Teaming up with Mexican department store Coppel to produce the video, Garnier went from annoying to mind blowing in a matter of feints. Dripping in geriatric swag from top to bottom, Garnier easily duped his opponents as the game went on. Once they started to catch on, he turned it up to 11.

Hit the video player up top to check out Garnier embarrassing opponents left and right, and always remember to keep your shorts tied tight. Don’t end up like the guy below:

sean garnier coppel mexico soccer freestyle video
sean garnier coppel mexico old man playing soccer video

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