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NYC Condoms Penetrate the Dominican Republic’s Black Market

NYC Condoms Penetrate the Dominican Republic’s Black Market

According to the New York Daily News, free NYC condoms are being sold for profit in the Dominican Republic. Although clearly marked “Not for Resale”, the condoms can be found throughout the Caribbean country, and sell for 50 cents each, half the cost of the cheapest competitor. A Dominican pharmacist says that he buys the condoms “from a provider here in the Republic,” who will “distribute them to any pharmacy that wants them.”

38 million free condoms are provided by the New York City Health Department every year, as part of the city’s $5.7 million sexual health program. They are distributed by 3,500 nonprofit groups and local business in order to protect NYC’s high-risk population. City officials have already busted one such organization for sending free condoms to the Dominican Republic, along with four other businesses ousted from the program since 2007.

Now that’s what we call a fucked up situation.

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