Free Chief Keef . . . For Your Entertainment?

Learn all about Chief Keef's latest bust.

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So Chief Keef got bagged the other day because he violated probation. Dude was sentenced to 18 months probation for pointing a gun at some police officers. Not a fake orange gun. A real gun. The kind of gun that gets licked off in  the ‘hood all the time. I know a rapper from Queensbridge who shot a cop when he was only 15. That must have sucked, a grown man getting shot by a young boy who has his whole life ahead of him. But hey, when you’re a cop, that’s just a hazard that comes with the job. When you’re a gangsta, hey, getting shot is just a hazard that comes with the job. That rapper from Queensbridge did time for bucking that bronco. I guess Chief Keef was thinking about laying some cops down his damn self but somehow, in a moment of clear thinking, he changed his mind. But is it gangsta to change your mind?

I guess the answer is yes because if he did indeed shoot a cop or two he wouldn’t be the rap superstar that he is today. Now there are white people and black people yelling FREE CHIEF KEEF! Free that man! Let him get free and entertain us. Let him help us go buck in the club/no guns/just love.

Tupac got shot multiple times, one time in the nuts. 50 Cent took NINE bullets like the Ford Cyborg he is. 50 will tell you—and so would Tupac if he was still around–you don’t go around pointing guns at grown men and if you do you better be prepared to bust that biscuit like you’re hungry, with no money, at a Popeye’s. Keef is lucky that those cops with the funny checkerboard hats didn’t lay his young ass to waste. When Keef gets out, he will continue to rap. He got violated because he was at a gun range in New York letting off and the Chi-town judge wasn’t feeling that.

Let’s play a game called Who Wants to Get Shot and Get Carried out in a Louis Vutton Body Bag?!!! That’s actually a fresh name for a Chief Keef rap song: “Louis Vuitton Body Bag”. Featuring Master P, Silkk Tha Shocker and Flesh N Bone. Produced by Scott Storch. I got the hook, too (in Master P voice): “ I want a Louie bag/Louie bag/Louie bag/I got a bad bitch and her ass like a body bag/body bag/body bag/Louie body bag.”

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    Love it! Full of facts yet still entertaining!