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Fredo Santana “That’s A No No” ft. Lil Reese

Fredo Santana “That’s A No No” ft. Lil Reese

Everything you do is a No No.

Chicago rappers have a knack for creating catchy-ass hooks; Fredo Santana flexes his skills on “That’s A No No.” Fellow Chi emcee Lil Reese joins Fredo on the Young Chop-produced track, as the two give a list of their “no nos.” With that said, we’ve taken the liberty of combining the two rappers tips into a list.

Fredo and Reese’s Big List of No Nos

1. Wifing up these thots.
2. Putting trust in a bitch.
3. Walking out the house without a “pole” (or gun for those that don’t speak Chiraqanese).
4. Even thinking of robbing them.