Freddie Gibbs "Lay It Down"

Freddie Gibbs “Lay It Down”

Gangsta Gibbs takes it back to his hometown of East Gary, Indiana and shows that it may get real if you make one wrong move.

Freddie Gibbs’ hometown is far from the Hamptons. He takes it to the streets of Gary, Indiana for his latest video “Lay It Down,” and lets you know that it does get real in the field. This hard-hitter is off Gangsta Gibbs’ new album ESGN, which released a few weeks back. After seeing this video, it should be clear that they don’t call him Gangsta Gibbs for nothing. He is known to keep it real with whatever he does. Peep the video for “Lay It Down” above.

Go check out our episode of “Ill Time” with Freddie Gibbs here.


Freddie Gibbs "Lay It Down"

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