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Freddie Gibbs “Have U Seen Her” ft. Hit Skrewface

Freddie Gibbs “Have U Seen Her” ft. Hit Skrewface

The visuals keep pouring in for Freddie Gibbs’ ESGN. The Baby Face Killa has already delivered videos for “Eastside Moonwalker,” and “Lay It Down,” and now comes through with one for “Have U Seen Her,” directed by Gregory Buissereth, filled with the usual Gangsta Gibbs fare. That would be drugs, guns, and girls, to the uninitiated, who would learn quickly in this flick that Gibbs is the captain of his trap house.

Those ingredients blend together for some enticing, and illicit, imagery, just be sure the bossman is out to lunch before hitting play; they also make for a thoroughly unsuitable workplace watch (the “Her” Freddie’s looking for is more of an “it”). ESGN is available in stores and on iTunes now.

gibbs 1
gibbs 2

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