freddie gibbs new track freddie soprano

Freddie Gibbs “Freddie Soprano” Prod. By ID Labs

We already know how crazy Freddie Gibbs new album is, but you don't. Check out Freddie's new track, entitled "Freddie Soprano" off his upcoming album ESGN.

Freddie Gibbs Freddie Soprano

We here at Mass Appeal already had the opportunity to listen to how insane Freddie Gibbs‘ new album ESGN is, but we don’t want to keep all this good music to ourselves! Freddie Gibbs just dropped a new track off the album, releasing July 6th, entitled “Freddie Soprano.”

Gibbs raps, “I’m straight for life / All I gotta do is stay black and die.”

All we have to do is stay ready for Freddie to drop his new album ESGN. Check out Freddie’s new track “Freddie Soprano.”

freddie gibbs new track freddie soprano

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