Stick ’em Up: Franklin Marshall the Third

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Franklin Marshall The Third

Sticker: Franklin Marshall The Third

Graphic: Signature face logo with “FMIII” in text

Location: Broome and Wooster St. – SoHo

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Website: or

Context: Franklin Marshall the Third is an L.A. based comedian, who with the help of Level Press Ink has branded himself with a goofy graphic of his face. The creepy face logo compliments FMIII’s own description of himself claiming, “I would like to be friends with you. People think I’m creepy, but I’m not. I like to dance, play video games, and lip sing.”

Being that the comedian is based in LA it is interesting that his logo is popping up all around NYC—in the form of stickers and paint. In SoHo alone, you can find his mug, that slightly resembles the classic Fear and Loathing screen shot of Johnny Depp, slapped on numerous street lamps and painted on multiple sidewalks. While it seems that the comedian is relatively new to the circuit, it is definite that his guerrilla marketing is creating a stir around NYC.

Franklin Marshall the Third

Franklin Marshall the Third

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