Fran Molina x Jart Skateboards “The AM Project”

The Barcelona Museum of Modern Art (MACBA) has long been a global mecca for skaters around the world. While it wasn’t meant for skating, the ledges, banks, and stair sets surrounding it may as well have been made for that purpose.

Since pretty much every skateboarder has filmed footage there, including the best of the best, it’s very difficult to be impressed by sessions captured at that location. However, in Fran Molina’s portion of Jart Skateboards“Am Project” video, he does just that.

The level of technicality on the Spanish skater’s part is astounding. He hardflips into grinds, and every single flip trick under the sun is executed  to perfection. The footage is almost entirely filmed at MACBA, and this level of shredding at the location hasn’t been seen since Bastien Salabanzi did it.

Watch the clip in the player above, and think about how good this guy will be when he turns pro.



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