Fourstar Anthology

Fourstar Anthology Video

Video cataloguing since way back when.

Back in 2004, Fourstar Clothing decided to try out an alternative to the classic lookbook. In lieu of the traditional format, they decided to photograph fun skate sessions they were having around Los Angeles, and have those photos serve as a catalog.  A trip being exponentially more enjoyable than a photo shoot, the initial LA sessions motivated them to adopt this as their method of choice, and documentation of trips to  Miami, San Francisco, Hawaii, New Orleans, New York, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Australia followed.

The anthology combines some of the best footage of Fourstar’s travels, and includes amazing and quirky skating by Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Mark Gonzales, Max Schaaf, Brian Anderson, Lucas Puig, Sean Malto, Tyler Bledsoe, Andrew Brophy, Nick Jensen, Shane O’Neill, Tony Trujillo and Ishod Wair. With sounds by Supergrass, Death and Wolf Parade, the video really captures the joy that this rag-tag crew takes from both skateboarding and tomfoolery.

Fourstar Anthology

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