Cool Disco Dan Brick Wall

Forget Bansky and Go Support Cool “Disco” Dan

Learn about the infamous Washington D.C. writer that survived the infamous pitfalls of Chocolate City and made a name for himself.

Cool Disco Dan Blue Garage Door

Banksy might have New York City caught up in all his street art hype, but lest we forget, there’ve been plenty more culturally relevant proliferators of the streets out there. No offense to the English instigator at large, but I just think that Joseph Pattisall’s new film (produced by our good friend, Roger Gastman), “The Legend of Disco Dan,” tells the story of a much more street-credible vandal.

Set against the backdrop of a city gone mad and broke due to post-MLK riots and marginalized social conditions, the real legend of Cool “Disco” Dan is one that revolves around a boy’s quest for citywide recognition (fame), his battle with his internal demons and the burgeoning go-go music scene of a 1980s Washington D.C. aka “Chocolate City.” Though the film focuses primarily on Disco Dan’s genesis and the proliferation of his name, it also ties in the surrounding elements that fostered his approach, like the inception of go-go crews and their respective graffiti, or the ’90s rise of punk and hardcore scenes and the inception of imported and more progressive graffiti.

That said, folks should definitely give the movie a gander especially if the history of modern Washington, D.C. and its music and graffiti scenes are of interest.

Pre-rent the film or pre-order the DVD right here.

Cool Disco Dan Graffiti Wall Portrait

Cool Disco Dan Go Go Tonya F Graffiti

Cool Disco Dan Brick Wall

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