Pixote Guilherme Machado Rollie

Fool’s Gold Artist Series: Pixote

PIXOTE's got a series of limited edition decks for you next week.

Pixote Guilherme Machado Rollie Graffiti Street Art

Street artist, type lord and one half of TWD (included in Mass Appeal Issue 52), PIXOTE, will be presenting new artwork along with a sick limited edition series of cruiser and mini cruiser decks next week at the Fool’s Gold Artist Series over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

PIXOTE says the opportunity arose after meeting A-Trak through Krink entreprener, KR.  “I met KR about a year ago and he started to supply me with a lot of paint, mops, cans. One day DJ A-Trak had a meeting with KR at the Krink office and asked about me because he saw one of my stickers there. KR put me and A-Trak in contact. A-Trak called me to set up a meeting for an upcoming art show.” The rest is history.

He also described how skateboarding has been a longstanding part of his life, having grown up in the golden era of skating in New York, around ’95. An interest in ancient cultures such as the Maya and Egyptians also played a huge role in the serpent theme for the deck. PIXOTE revealed that the animal’s sacred nature has inspired his fixation on it. “After thinking over and over about what I would show at Fool’s Gold art show, I just started drawing to get ideas. The snake design came out right away, first take, boom!”

Scroll down to see the official event flyer and swing by next Thursday, Oct. 3rd for your opportunity to see the artwork firsthand and get your hands on a deck or two.

Pixote Fools Gold Art Series Print Red

Pixote Fools Gold Art Series Print Blue

Pixote Fools Gold Art Series Print V

Pixote Fools Gold Art Series Flyer

Pixote Guilherme Machado Rollie

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