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Flying Lotus feat Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy “Between Friends”

Flying Lotus feat Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy “Between Friends”

"Between Friends" Flying Lotus Earl Sweatshirt Captain Murphy

Earl Sweatshirt with the help of a mysterious emcee named Captain Murphy, teamed up with producer Flying Lotus to create a new hit, “Between Friends.” While we don’t exactly know who Captain Murphy is, whether Tyler the Creator, Flylo, a screwed up Earl, or just an unknown emcee; he definitely holds his own with Earl who continues to prove the superiority of his skills. The Flylo track is crafted to perfection leaving a zoned-out vibe that wouldn’t be right with out a verbal assault from Sweatshirt. “Between Friends” is available for free thanks to Adult Swim’s new Single Program, which will release a number of free singles from different artists over the next 13 weeks.

Also, If your an Odd Future fan in NYC you should be preparing yourself for the onslaught of OF shows and events during this week. Below we have you covered on all the info you need to join the festivities.

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