Flip 3 Skate Video

Flip’s New “3” Part

3 Flippin'.

Rejoice skate boys and skate girls, a high quality new part from Flip Skateboards is here for you to feast your eyes on. Shot and edited by skate god Arto Saari (who has become quite the cameraman and photographer of late), “3” features three individual sections by Flip’s young guns Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, and their newest pro Alec Majerus.

Opening with a manic bomb down a hill, Louie’s part shows just how unafraid he is of injuries, as well as his comfort skating fast and hard (a little reminiscent of Omar Salazar) with total control over flip tricks. An edgy Uncle Acid cut paces it just right. Curren Caples makes absolutely everything look smooth and perfect, and is simply spectacular at transition skating. It’s only right that Future Islands makes his part sound as picturesque as it looks. Alec Majerus proves that he has truly earned his stripes in his inaugural pro part, no rail or ledge is safe from 180s and 270s in and out of them. The Shrine serves as an appropriate sonic accompaniment to his annihilation of obstacles.

Watch “3” in the player above and prepare to be wowed.


Flip 3 Skate Video

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