Flatbush Zombies 9792 Music Video

Flatbush Zombies & Trash Talk “97.92” Video

This video goes a full 360 degrees.

If you’re into Flatbush Zombies and Trash Talk then today is the best day of the month.

Coming together to drop a video for their song “97.92,” the groups take us on a trippy journey using a 360 degree HD camera rig. The video also boasts some footage of the Zombies at a skate park, and what appears to be the Indio Polo grounds.

The Zombies and Trash Talk fit together like Bieber and Mayweather. Trash Talk’s hardcore, abrasive sound mixed with Meech’s vocals creates a perfect union, made even better by the video’s creative visuals. Hopefully this isn’t the last time these two groups collab.

“97.92” appears on the Cons EP Volume 1 and can be downloaded at Converse’s tumblr page.

[h/t theboombox.com]

Flatbush Zombies 9792 Music Video

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