Flatbush Zombies - Face Off Video

Video: Flatbush Zombies – “Face Off” (L.S.Darko) Plus+

Folks are eating other folks’ faces. Another guy threw bits of his intestines at police while stabbing himself 50 times. What’s the world coming to? Hopefully, the end, my friend.

Maybe it’s the recent uptick in cannibalism, maybe it’s the result of all the impending dooms day prophecies, maybe all the vampire culture worshipers need a new interest, but one thing’s for sure: zombie season is in full effect. But while eating face and gutting yourself may sound sexy, it can get a bit messy. Enter your less messy, more cerebral new obsession, Flatbush Zombies. Consisting of bearded out MC Juice and dreaded out and gold fronted MC Meechy Darko and their lanky, good-looking producer, Erick Arc Elliot, the three Brooklyn natives started causing a stir on the scene when they dropped the video for their infectious weed and breakfast anthem, “Thug Waffles” (below) back in January.

And now, the reincarnated trio offer “Face Off,” with Darko waxing poetic about some of the best things life (or death) has to offer, while Erick provides a fittingly minimalistic audio bed. Shout out to everyone who lives life like they might die tomorrow. Because that’s the only way to live.

And if you didn’t catch their haunting track “S.C.O.S.A.” released right before SXSW, here you go, with a side of “Thug Waffle.”

Flatbush Zombies - Face Off Video

Flatbush Zombies - Face Off Video

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