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Flatbush ZOMBiES “BetterOffDEAD” Trailer

Flatbush ZOMBiES “BetterOffDEAD” Trailer

Fresh off the release of their Stussy collection and original merch, the Flatbush ZOMBiES come through with a video promo that answers the frequently asked question of when to expect their newest project. Their last mixtape, D.R.U.G.S., was released last summer and has done wonders to build buzz for the undead trio.

They’ve kept afloat this summer with wild stage shows and the release of a new single, “Palm Trees,” and have now officially announced the release date of their next mixtape BetterOffDEAD. The above trailer, shows the three digging, or unearthing, a grave that later shows member Juice rapping from beneath before the date, 9/11/13, flashes across the screen. We’ll be counting down the days and sporting our best tie-dye in anticipation.

flatbush zombies beteroffdead trailer

better off dead trailer

zombie juice rapping from grave for the BetterOffDead trailer

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