Flags of New York: A Flag Day Retrospective of New York City Crews, Gangs and Ethnic Groups

Learn about some of New York City's most infamous flags.


It’s Flag Day in America and 2013 continues to usher in the ever-ubiquitous use of the ancient trademarks. They get printed on to hoodies, patched on to bags, and even adorned as makeshift robes. A$AP Rocky’s crew has its own. Their cousins, The Tanboys, have theirs too. But what’s New York City’s history with the red, white, and blue? Or better yet, what other flags resonate a little bit deeper than America’s, depending on what neighborhood or side of the fence you’re on?

Take a sociological ride with us as we breakdown a few of the Big Apple’s most visible ethnic communities, groups, street gangs, and musical crews. Now while we won’t cover every group and every flag, we thought we’d round up a list of some well-respected banners (including the stars and stripes) according to their chronological order and cultural significance. Gather around kids, here’s a Rat Lord-sponsored history lesson.


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