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Five Epic Comebacks That You Probably Forgot About

Five Epic Comebacks That You Probably Forgot About


Being a celebrity isn’t easy, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous often come with many luxuries. The fame comes with a price, constantly being watched under the microscope of the mass media. So when these people screw up, the whole world is watching. One thing we seem to forget is that they’re human. And everyone loves a comeback. The key ingredient to forgiveness? Winning of course, here’s five of the almost forgotten screw ups from our favorite ballers.

1. Tony Parker

Eva Longoria kisses former husband Tony Parker after a San Antonio Spurs victory.

The French point guard is three rings deep and on his way to possibly capturing a fourth title in the NBA Finals this year for the San Antonio Spurs. His highly publicized marriage to actress Eva Longoria was the talk of Hollywood for quite some time, until the couple split after three years together. What’s even more inciting is the allegations on why they divorced, Longoria allegedly found multiple sext messages on his phone from ladies upon ladies upon ladies. No big deal, that comes with the territory of being an NBA baller, right? But wait, Longoria allegedly found sexts between Parker and the wife of former Spurs team mate Brent Barry. Huh?

Longoria filed for divorce immediately, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Infidelity was also the topic of tabloids. We’re not knocking on Parker, but cheating on the star of Desperate Housewives? C’mon Tony. She also topped Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 for consecutive years in 06-07, and it’s safe to say was the focal point of wet dreams world-wide.

Eva Longoria in Maxim Hot 100 issue.

How did the Spurs point comeback from said heartbreak with Eva? He kept playing, and garnered 2nd Team All-NBA honors in 2012, while always being in the conversation for league MVP over the past few years. However, Parker’s circus shot last night over the MVP LeBron James could prove to be a defining moment if San Antonio captures their fifth NBA Championship over the Miami Heat. If Tony Parker continues to make awe-inspiring shots like this, you can be sure the divorce will be long forgotten. Cheating on a Desperate Housewife? Forgiven!

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2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods 2013 Nike campaign after regaining number one position.

Tiger Tiger Woods y’all. Woods is hands down the first name that comes to mind if we’re talking golf. Rightly so, as he’s captured count ’em…fourteen major titles. For most of his career the man was untouchable, an American icon with a golf club. He’s garnered tons of accolades in his lengthy career, and will go down as the greatest of all time when it’s all said and done.

All greatness aside, we haven’t forgotten the 2009 scandal that ruined his marriage and his game. The slew of mistresses that came forward to reveal they had affairs with Woods was extensive, over a dozen including an adult film star, resulting in a smashed up Escalade at the hands of his then wife Erin Woods, and a loss of many endorsements. It seemed that the public had turned their back on Tiger. After he took time off to get his life in order, his game on the course took a turn for the worse.

It wasn’t until recently that Tiger got his groove back. He finally won his first PGA tour event in 2012, and regained his number one ranking in March. The endorsements he lost amidst the scandal were replaced by bigger fish. IE: Tag-Heuer dropped Woods when his fall from grace took place, which luxury watch manufacturer picked him up now? The king of all watches, Rolex. Not too shabby for someone sports’ analysts were hounding for  the years of his struggle. As if that isn’t enough, Woods was named the top earning athlete by Forbes this year, raking in a whopping $78.1 million and topping the likes of Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

Everyone loves a comeback, and it only gets sweeter for Tiger, he’s now dating the smoking-hot Olympic Skier Lindsay Vonn. As Nike puts it in a new ad for Woods, “Winning Takes Care of Everything.”

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