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Finding the Yardie In New Major Lazer

Finding the Yardie In New Major Lazer

What’s really good with Major Lazer? In Jamaica our question would translate to a simple, “Wha Gwan?” Speaking in Patois (virtually) is something we came to love, admire, and respect from the Major Lazer personality when the album Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, was licking off shots in 2009. Now that voice is MIA.

The dynamic of the first single, “Get Free” is an interesting approach. It features Amber of Dirty Projectors, a non-traditional reggae or dancehall singer. And that’s great for the evolution of his second opus. The downside is the fading character that seemed true the first album. Lazer would probably utter “dutty projectors” in place of dirty, and other whimsical Jamaican jibberish to make Yankees chuckle. Hashtags of #GetFree don’t seem very badman-like in his timeline, nor what you’d expect from a don dada. Is Skerrit Boy not around to take the reigns?

See how the guns came out for “Get Free.” Flex.

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